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​Research, develop, produce, and market a wide range of products and services to promote high quality study, learning and teaching in order to become acquainted with all good books, languages, tongues, and people to contribute to peace, prosperity, and happiness throughout the world.

ADE slogan

Good For You

This is our way of expressing praise, approval, and encouragement to you. It also describes the features, benefits, and value of the best products and services we can possibly offer you.


Nibley Enterprises Inc.


Richard Nibley

Advisory Board

Hikita Tenko a.k.a. Princess Tenko

Noboru Ochiai

Kent Gilbert

Beast Murayama

Noboru Akuzawa

Nobuo Yamauchi


Chanex 302, 4-12-14 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo  108-0073

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Business Activities

English conversation training, Video production, Translation, Interpretation, Web design, Consulting


Britannica Japan, IBM, Uken Gakuin, TLS, Management Support, World City, Kaplan, NSK, So Innovation

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