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Fun, Fast, Native!!

Watch a Movie.

In the movie OLYMPIC DREAMS, Kenshi and Leah dream of going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to see world-class athletes compete. But Kenshi and Leah's competition is self-doubt about getting enough money to go. 

Can they achieve success in this compelling story about living the American Dream?

Running time: 26 mins. English with Japanese subtitles

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Learn English.

Simply follow the trainer and repeat the lines from the movie OLYMPIC DREAMS to learn to speak English just like the characters in the movie.

The program includes a movie, training videos, a script, a talk show, a tracker, and a certificate for maximum results.

World's first HIIT hybrid language and fitness program.

Talk Show - Beast Murayama

Beast Murayama runs Revon24, his own exclusive studio for Body Make & Diet in Tokyo. Beast is living the American Dream just like Kenshi and Leah in the movie OLYMPIC DREAMS. Watch the Talk Show for details.

Beast's dream is to learn English and live in America with his family.

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