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Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

By Tennessee Jonathan

Hi, Tennessee Jonathan here with another cool blog!!

As always, I’ve got some fab pix for you today, and I want to say thanx for visiting my blog.

Today, we’re going to do breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Here we go.

BREAKFAST – Bacon, over easy eggs w/ salsa, apple and homemade French bread toasted.

Notice the ground pepper corns on those eggs.

Man, I love those eggs.

Some people are fans of straight sunny side up, not once over easy.

LUNCH – BLT with onion added served with chips on homemade French bread (bacon from extra cooked at breakfast)

The way I cut the ends off the bacon in the BLT is a great idea.

Makes the sandwich look like the parts were made for itself.

DINNER - Not sure what the flavor is but it looks like it’s from the region where Fukuoka is.

On the ramen for dinner, I just heard someone say, "You're exactly right."

And this is where the story gets exciting, so keep reading.

The package says Nagasaki in big brush stroke letters, so I was right on target.

Below that is the catch phrase that gets the hungry juices flowing.

あご だし 入り 醬油 ラーメン

Ago dashi iri  shoyu ramen

In Kyushu (southern Japan), they call flying fish "ago."

And dashi means soup stock or broth, which I'm sure you know.

And shoyu is soy sauce.

So, there you go -- "Flying fish stock soy sauce ramen."

Here is a little excerpt I found on "ago dashi."

Ago dashi is a dashi stock taken from flying fish.

In Kyushu, "flying fish" are called "ago" and are dried and used for soup stock.

Ago dashi has an elegant and refreshing sweetness, with a rich flavor, making it one of the finest dashi stocks.

Oh, and one more excellent point.

The brand of the ramen is Marutai.

Very famous brand with all kinds of ramen types and package combinations.

Take a look at their top 100 products.

The Nagasaki item comes in at number 3 with a combo product of 11 different Marutai ramens !!


Here's an extra bit on the ago dashi from Kyushu.

And now for a little bonus.

BONUS PICTURE – HOMEMADE FRENCH BREAD! I baked this on last Saturday.

Oh, the house always smells SO good when baking bread.

Doesn’t this bread look fantastic...?

You can practically smell it 12,000 miles away... give or take...

I hope you enjoyed my blog today!!

See you next time…

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