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Updated: Feb 5, 2022

By Richard Nibley

She was sneezing in the living room.

It’s an allergy, she said.

He said, That came on pretty suddenly.

She said, It comes around this time every year.

He said, But so suddenly?

She said, Yea, it comes when it comes.

He said, There must be something else that brought it on.

She said, Dust in the air.

He said a little sarcastically, Oh, yea, sure.

Then he noticed something floating by.

It was a feather.

He looked around and saw another feather.

And another, and another.

He said, Maybe it’s feathers.

She said, No, not a chance.

But he thought, Maybe it's the feathers.

But she said, No, it’s not feathers, cuz there are no feathers around here.

He wasn’t convinced.

He still thought it was feathers.

But where are they coming from.

From the feather blanket?

He asked he, What about your down coat?

She glanced over the coat and the blanket.

She said, Nope, not coming from the blanket or the coat.

He said, Wait a minute, did you really look it over?

She said, I did.

He said, Let me check it out.

Then he looked over the coat -- at the back, the front, the collar, the sleeves.

Something looked funny about one of the sleeves.

He looked closer at the right sleeve close to the wrist.

To his amazement, he saw a hole in the sleeve.

He looked in and saw no feathers inside.

There should have been feathers, but there were none.

Instead, the feathers were flying all around the room.

He said, You sew up the hole, I’ll vacuum up the feathers.

She agreed to that.

So, he vacuumed up the feathers.

There were lots of little, tiny, tiny white feathers floating in the air.

After he vacuumed up the feathers and she sewed up the hole, her sneezing stopped immediately.

They were both amazed, and happy that the sneezing stopped.

And all along she thought it was an allergy.

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