Free Shipping for Orders Over ¥3,000

Payment Methods

Thank you for your business. 

We accept the following payment methods.


Make online payments using PayPal.

PayPal accepts the following credit cards.

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visa mastercard jcb amex 10613.png

  1. Select the items you want and put them in the shopping cart.

  2. Proceed to checkout.

  3. Complete the transaction.


Make cash payments directly to authorized ADE staff.

All payments are prepaid, including for plans, packs, and shop items.


Make payments through your bank to:


Account holder: Nibley Enterprises, Inc.

Bank: Mizuho Bank, Oji Branch

Branch No: 557

Tel. 03-3912-2231

Account Number: 1282803


Payment Instructions: 

  1. Send the funds by wire transfer. 

  2. Obtain a receipt of the wire transfer. 

  3. Attach the receipt to a payment sheet, such as a printout of a plan, pack, or shop item.

  4. Scan or take a photo of the sheet with the attached receipt.

  5. Create a PDF file.

  6. Email us the PDF file at <>.

  7. Contact us by phone if you have any questions.​