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and Special Guest

This event has the power to

change your paradigm about

English conversation.


Five Star Dolphins

Language Training School

Founder / Operator / Teacher

Why Can't Japanese Speak English?

13 July 2021 (Tuesday)

Log in Time : 18:45

Start Time : 19:00


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Richard and Nobu

Shinjuku West Exit Saizeriya

Discussing plans for our event

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Meeting ID: 820 0554 3175        Passcode: 518806

For inquiries call 

Tel: 090-1123-9543

Suggested Preparation

● Listen to Nobu's ideas (8 mins 26 secs audio)

● Send questions / comments to Nobu (about 2 mins)

Not required, but to help you follow along.

First, click and listen to Nobu

Why Can't Japanese Speak English?
00:00 / 08:27


Nobu's Ideas

  • What is English conversation?

    • It is words, not study

    • It is spoken, not written

    • It is individual expression, not a true / false or right / wrong paradigm

  • Why can't Japanese speak English even after they study it for a long time?

    • They learn English conversation the wrong way

    • They study written English to pass exams

    • They hesitate to speak for fear of making mistakes

  • Nobu's recommendations to learn to speak English

    • First speak English

    • Higher test scores will come naturally


Send Nobu questions / comments

  1. Enter your name and email address.

  2. Ask Nobu a question. Anything is OK. Or give us your comments about "Why can't Japanese speak English?"

  3. Your feedback will be anonymous.

  4. We are looking forward to a lively discussion.

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