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Share ADE and Make Money

about partners

Become a Partner and Make Money

About Partners

Welcome to American Dream Partners!

We created Partners to help you achieve your most cherished dreams. In today’s world, an essential part of making dreams come true is making money. We hope Partners will help you make money to help make your dreams come true.

2 Groups of Partners

Partners offers you 2 groups to choose from.

  1. Sellers Group

  2. Trainers Group

  • When you sign up for Partners, you can choose the group you want to join.

  • After you sign up, we issue you a Partner Code for free.

2 Ways to Make Money

Partners offers you 2 ways to make money.

  1. Sales: Share and sell ADE products and services, such as ADE plans, packs, and goods from our ADE Shop.

  2. Deliveries: Deliver in-person training sessions, such as 40, 50, and 60-minute sessions.

  • Sellers can make money only on sales.

  • Trainers can make money on sales and deliveries.

3 Kinds of Money

Partners offers you 3 kinds of money.

  1. Commissions: This is a percentage of your sales of 1. and 2. below.

    1. ADE plans and packs (See the Commissions Table below.)

    2. Goods from our ADE Shop (You can make 20% on all your sales.)

  2. Bonuses: This is a percentage of company sales. (See the Bonuses Table below.)

  3. Trainer Fees: This is a fixed amount for delivering in-person training sessions. (See the Trainer Fees Table below.)

  • Sellers can make commissions and bonuses.

  • Trainers can make commissions, bonuses, and trainer fees.

Commissions Table

Make money on your own sales.

  • The following table shows the commissions you can make on your sales of ADE plans and packs.

  • Commissions are 20% on all your sales of goods from our ADE Shop.

groups partners
ways partners
kinds partners
commissions partners
Economy 6
Economy 12
Economy 24
Silver 6
Silver 12
Silver 24
Gold 6
Gold 12
Gold 24
validity partners
share & sell partners
bonuses partners


Bonuses Table

Make money on company sales.

The following table shows an example of the bonuses you can make on company sales.​

  • The 3 Partners with the top sales amounts share 3.03% of sales of ADE plans, packs, and goods from our ADE Shop sold through the Partners program.

  • Bonuses are calculated and paid out every 3 months.

  • For example:

10,000 Basic Plans


¥19,800 (Price of a Basic Plan)


¥198,000,000 (Total sales)


3.03% (Shared bonus percentage)


¥6,000,000 (Total shared bonus amount​)

Gold Partner - ¥3,000,000  (1st place bonus is 50% of the total)   

Silver Partner - ¥1,800,000  (2nd place bonus is 30% of the total)  

Bronze Partner - ¥1,200,000  (3rd place bonus is 20% of the total) 

Trainer Fees Table

Make money delivering in-person training sessions.

The following table shows the trainer fees you can make when you deliver in-person training sessions for ADE plans and packs.​

Plans                                    Per Session

  • Pro Plan                           ¥ 2,140

  • Star Plan                          ¥ 2,190


  • Economy 6 Pack              ¥ 2,293

  • Economy 12 Pack            ¥ 2,280

  • Economy 24 Pack            ¥ 2,257

  • Silver 6 Pack                    ¥ 2,807

  • Silver 12 Pack                  ¥ 2,793

  • Silver 24 Pack                  ¥ 2,763

  • Gold 6 Pack                     ¥ 3,300

  • Gold 12 Pack                   ¥ 3,283

  • Gold 24 Pack                   ¥ 3,248

Let's Get Started

Share and Sell ADE Products and Services

Keep it simple.

  • Use a simple formula to share and sell ADE products and services to your friends.

  • For example:

  1. Tell your friends about ADE products and services.

  2. Ask your friends to use your Partner Code when they buy ADE products and services.

  • When your friends buy ADE products and services using your Partner Code, you can make money.

Validity of Your Partner Status

Your Partner status is valid for 1 year.

  • You can join or leave Partners any time you want.

  • You can also renew or change your Partner status any time you want.

  1. To renew your status, just buy the ADE products and services of your choice.

  2. To change or end your status, just let us know your intentions by email.

  • As long as your Partner status is valid, the money you make is residual income.

  • Residual income is your right to make money each time your friends buy ADE products and services using your Partner Code.

About Payments to You

We will pay you your money as follows.

  • At the end of each month, we calculate the money you made that month.

  • We make payments to you by the 15th of the following month.

  • We send your money by wire transfer to your account in your financial institution.

How to Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up.

  • Click the PARTNERS SIGNUP button below to see the signup form.

  • Fill in the signup form.

    1. Your name

    2. Email address

    3. Phone number

    4. Preferred status (Seller or Trainer)

    5. Bank information for wiring your money

  • Then click the SEND button.

If you have any questions, please contact our "Partners Department" at

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