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The high quality of this program is really impressive.


-- Kent Gilbert, well-known author and speaker, California lawyer


It's very interesting, you worked very hard. It's very difficult to speak with a loud voice for Japanese. Your teaching is sweet and good Japanese points. I though that 30 minutes is a little long but you guide us smoothly. I don't feel long time. Your hard action are leading to the end. But look a little bit I feel sorry your breathing.


-- Chizu, avid English lover




-- Daisuke Matsuzaki, musician and composer


Wow, I am blown away by your high quality video!!


-- Aki Mikimoto, businessman


Wow!!! I must study hard with this!!! Thank you for sharing!!


-- Izumi Nekomoto, English teacher, former ANA cabin attendant


Super powerful and amazing English education program.


-- Hy Lee, businesswoman




-- Maki Danzaki, businesswoman


I can hear the syllables. This is very good for clear pronunciation.

-- Motokazu Takahashi, businessman


   Wow! I love it! The level of energy and the change from Japanese to English and vice versa, very natural.

   How you easily pick up and focus on words that Japanese may find difficult to pronounce and "drill" those words in. Repetition is the mother of all learning, as the saying goes.

   It is very catchy and upbeat. The way the background tune plays and stops together with the graphics/color changes depending if your explaining or drilling each line within each allotted 30 second clock time.

   It's like a language course that's set in an Olympic event. Ready-get set-go...and you're it's language coach. Teaching is so innate to you Sir Rich.

   The logo resembles the AI logo that is a great idea. Your enthusiasm is contagious and it creates a feel like... hey hey hey let me try that. Learners will find it very productive with all these elements in this video.


-- Franc Dailo, businessman