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Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

By Richard Nibley

"I love you."

Three simple words.

I love you.

Have you ever wanted to say that to somebody?

Have you ever wanted to hear somebody say that to you?

Everybody wants to say that and hear that.

Probably no exceptions.

So, why not say it to somebody today?

Maybe you could just blurt it out on a train somewhere.

Or maybe you could ask a stranger to tell you they love you.

Novel ideas.

We say Thank You all the time.

Thank you for this and thank you for that...

How about I love you?

Maybe we could say that a little more.

It might make somebody feel special.

It might make you feel special.

It’s a special day, so why not say something special?

Make it special by saying I LOVE YOU.

It could make a difference in the world…

For you, or for somebody.


I'm amazed at how popular Conversation Hearts are.

By far one of the most popular Valentine's Day candy in America.

We would call it a long-seller in Japanese.

As a boy, I loved conversation hearts, too.

Anyway, here are a few favorites from places I've lived and visited.


Conversation hearts

Heart-shaped box of chocolates

Chocolate roses


Conversation hearts

Heart-shaped box of chocolates

Candy necklaces


Heart-shaped box of chocolates